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DIGITAL CRIME EXAMINATIONS, LLC - Greater Boston, Massachusetts
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3-R Approach to Digital Crime

Respond - Recover - Restore"Making the Connection" From Incident Response to Forensics Analysis to Investigations, Training & Consulting by using the 3-R’s APPROACH.Respond: We will respond to our client’s needs for incidents make sure we have a legal right to be there, secure the scene and preserve the data.Recover: We will provide our clients with an in depth report, making all the connections of the crime/incident at hand (if there was one) after we have forensically recovered & examined the evidence. All reporting is done in a professional manner. Restore: We will provide our clients with a plan to prevent and/or minimize future digital crime/incidents by offering advice and/or a custom training plan geared toward their needs in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. We provide hardware and software consulting solutions to restore your business operation.


We Design - Custom Workable Solutions for your company (Digital Forensics, Investigations, Cyber Security and more).

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