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Tel: (781) 983-6833      Email: info@DCrime.com
After Decades of Digital Crime Investigations and Examinations we are closing!
Please contact us if interested in obtaining our company name, website & clients.


We have products that can process Card Media, Cameras & Videos, DVRs, Surveillance Systems, GPS Devices, CELL Phones, SMART-Phones, Tablets, iPADs, Hard Drives, Laptops, PCs, MACs, Small-Mediume Sized Servers, Basic RAIDS, Some Network Appliances and other devices containing intact or partially deleted data needed for recovery or digital forensic processing for evidence. We also use products to assist with online investigations (Social Media and Full Internet) for data capturing, documenting and verification.

We are not an authorized reseller of the products we use or list here. If you have an interest in purchasing some of these products - please email us and we will put you in contact with an authorized sales representative.


We utilize some of the very best Digital Forensic Software,  Hardware Tools, with Forensic Data Storage (from 1-40 TB case storage capacities) to conduct our examinations. Here are some products we use:
  • Encase
  • FTK
  • CelleBrite
  • ADF/Truxton
  • Device Seizure
  • Disk Duplicators
  • Write Blockers
    • Tableau
    • SafeBlock
  • WebCase
  • Internet Evidence Finder
  • Axiom
  • Lantern
  • BlackLight/MacAquistion
  • Intella